Boho Book Club: Resist the Machine by C.D. Verhoff: Week 3

Clara sure has gotten herself in the thick of things this week! Alongside Mr. Hot Stuff Hawk, she is navigating Luddite social structure while being very deep in L.U.D. territory. She meets two different groups of people – the first is an incredibly kind family and community, the second is a biker gang trying to…

Boho Book Club: Resist the Machine by C.D. Verhoff: Week 2

Clara may not be the perfect Compassionate by Avatican standards, but by my standards she embodies the true definition of compassion. A mission that “would be for nothing” without her, yet requires her to painfully and forcefully extract memories, very possibly killing the subject in the process, does not a successful mission make. She won’t…

BoHo Book Club Week One Question

Book – Resist The Machine Author – C.D. Verhoff   Question: How do you feel about the workings of Avantica? What are your thoughts on the defectives? I’ve taken a long break from reading with any regularity, but this book has made me believe that I can keep my interest held on a page again. I love it….


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